College: Where to Begin

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Searching for a college isn’t always easy. There are many factors which could affect your ability to even complete your college education. What are some questions to consider when searching for a college? Cost is usually the first thing most people think about…”how am I going to pay for school?” Although cost is important, what about your overall college experience? What are you hoping to gain from a college education? Do you need a specific degree or do you need to graduate from a specific school? How many degrees will you be finishing? Do you care about how much debt you will accumulate once you graduate? Make life easy and order the book!

The application process is pretty easy…or is it? Is the application process the same for all colleges? What are the steps? What documents do you need to apply? Have you even decided which school to attend? What are the requirements to be admitted? Is there a college essay? How long does the admittance process take? Take a few breaths!

Not every school requires an ACT or SAT score. There’s more tips available  in the book!

College is more than just enrolling. There’s a process for everything. It may be annoying but necessary if you want to attend the school you desire. Assuming you’ve already found the school you wish to attend, and you’ve made it past the application process and have been accepted, what’s the next step? You should have already decided on a major. If you haven’t, what are your options? Do all schools require a major? Is there help for people who don’t really know what they want to do after college? Find out what you need to know by ordering a copy of the book!

There are so many choices to make for college. Majors, classes, where to live, roommates. Which major is right for you? Can you change majors at any time? What options are available for classes? Is one option better than other? Do you know what a prerequisite is and does it apply to you? So many choices and options how do you navigate through all of it? Buy the book and get answers!

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